PlayStation 5

Sony Records PlayStation’s Best Year Ever

The latest financial earnings report from Sony has ended up online and it reveals some impressive milestones for the Japanese console maker. Leading the industry with a whopping 7.8 million units of the PlayStation 5 having launched since November 2020, the number has exceeded sales expectations, leading the company to see record profits, even as the world is seeing supply shortages across industries.

From the last earnings report, we know that up to the end of 2020, Sony had shipped 4.5 million PlayStation 5 units around the world. From January to March, Sony sold 3.3 million units, and while it is as difficult as ever to be able to even find a console, there are still quite a few that were sold in that timeframe. Earlier in April NPD’s Mat Piscatella mentioned that the PlayStation 5 was the fastest-selling console in US history in unit and dollar sales, Nintendo sold more Switch units in the first quarter, but this is due to the supply issue Sony is facing.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus service is showing signs of continual growth, too as right now the service boasts 47.6 million users, an increase of over six million users from the previous fiscal year. As for the PlayStation 4, Sony has now officially sold 115.9 units since 2013, and in 2021, one million units have been sold. In 2019, the number of consoles sold had just hit 100 million units.

Software saw a combined total of 61.4 million units in the final quarter of 2020, and while the number was down 3.9 million units, Sony turned a profit to the tune of $6.22 billion in revenue. As we head to a more digital-friendly future, expect to see sales lean into the digital space.