Creature Cast

Welcome To Creature Cast

Creature Cast is the official Console Creatures podcast. Creature Cast is a celebration of the video game industry, hosted each week by David Pietrangelo, Steve Vegvari, and Bobby Pashalidis. Creature Cast is dedicated to informing Canadian and international audiences and critiquing and analyzing the video game and tech industry.

The weekly podcast provides in-depth reviews of the latest games, speaks about the hottest news topics, and interviews with developers and industry professionals.

Creature Cast is available on all podcast services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. Subscribe to the show, leave us a review, and keep an eye on Console Creatures for more content.

About the Hosts

David Pietrangelo

A lover of the indie scene, you can hear him chat about his ever-growing list of indie games he’s playing each week on the podcast. Writer, host, and all-around nerd Dave enjoys experiencing the unique side of the gaming industry while also playing any retro game he can get his hands on.

Steve Vegvari

Podcast host and writer. As a member of the Creature Cast creation team, Steve offers his insights into the biggest games hitting the market as well as breaking news. With a background covering tech, Steve also analyzes the smart home market and other consumer devices. Just don’t bring up pineapple pizza to him.

Bobby Pashalidis

Editor, writer, and industry veteran Bobby has worked in the games industry for a decade, covering events worldwide, the latest breaking news, reviews, previews, and more. Bobby enjoys his time analyzing and exploring the various avenues within the industry.