Okami is Crossing Over to Monster Hunter Rise

Worlds are colliding as Capcom’s plans to support Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch continue to make it hard to put to down. Months after launching and Capcom is showing no signs of stopping the support for their latest iteration of the series, which has shipped over 7 million copies as of May 2021.

Revealed on Twitter earlier today, the second Capcom Collab is coming July 30 and it features Amaterasu from Okami. The first crossover event featured a Palico Layered Armour based on Tsukino. The Palamute skin is mighty impressive and you can see it for yourself in the video below, and it’s highly detailed from the looks of it, making it extremely hard to use anything else. The Okami Palamute skin will be available beginning on July 30 with additional cosmetic content being available to use in-game.

The content will be free and once completed will grant you the Palamute skin to use in-game. I’m looking forward to seeing the skin in action this week and discover what new items I can add to my character. As far as crossovers go, it’s wonderful seeing Capcom deliver such an excellent skin to the game.