Grapple Dog

Grapple Dog Launches in February

Last week, we told you about how our friends at Super Rare Games are stepping up to be pals for the independent game developer community with their new publishing wing, Super Rare Originals.

And the first game on that label, Grapple Dog, will be swinging onto PC and Nintendo Switch extremely soon!

On February 10th, Pablo the Grapple Dog and his friends will Jump, swing, zip and sail through six worlds and 33 levels to stop the evil robotic overlord Nul from destroying the planet.

While the trailer only begins to show off Pablo’s grappling abilities, Super Rare Games promises that there’s lots of content to get a hold of. In order to earn optional collectables and find secret areas, you’ll need to perfect the grapple! But if you need a hand, [like I probably will] there are a number of accessibility options, as well as a Time Trial mode for testing everything out.

Although Super Rare Games has made their name quite literally on being a storefront for physical copies of games you otherwise wouldn’t find anywhere else, Grapple Dog is a digital-only release for now. But that is subject to future change. To pre-order now, head to Steam