Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Content Roadmap Revealed

The launch of Techland’s Dying Light 2 Stay Human is so close that we can taste it!

Oh, and if you are in Warsaw by chance, you can see it! Thanks in large part to this… really large mural!

In other news, we covered last week that the developer is planning a meaty post-launch schedule that won’t soon decompose like the flesh of the undead! There’s reportedly multiplayer server support, story updates and events planned for the next five years. And the first of the game’s DLC is set to be released on Day One, with a few free, faction-focused outfits for protagonist Aiden Caldwell. It also appears as if we are in for a world of pain and prosperity as in March it looks we’ll be getting a new set of parkour challenges, while April brings with it special mutated showers. In June, we’ll spring forward and float into some glider challenges. And Finally, June brings us story DLC #1!

If you are Dennis… or you are into audio dramas like I am, the latest episode of The Dying City is out, featuring a monstrous performance from a legendary Japanese voice actor, Takaya Kuroda, A.K.A Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza franchise. The Dying City: Takeshi tells the story of a lawyer representing clients suing the Japanese Army for experiments. Takeshi documents his infection and the great sadness it brings to him. Expertly produced,  this is an anime for the mind that you don’t want to miss!

However, if you’re in search of visuals you don’t have to imagine yourself, then a new Dying 2 Know featuring Artistic Director Katarzyna Tarnacka will take you behind the scenes of The City and introduce you to some of its graffiti from both before and after The Fall.

Pre-orders are still available via the official Dying Light 2 Stay Human webpage. And there a now a couple of goodie packs set to go out with all pre-orders. the exclusive digital “Reload Pack” and “Reach for the Sky Pack”, feature unique outfits, weapons, backpacks and paraglider skins. “Reach for the Sky Pack,” was created in collaboration with Rosario Dawson, who plays Lawan, a key character whose fate connects with main protagonist Aiden during his journey.