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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis PC Version In The Works

After the release of Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis on iOS and Android devices earlier this month, Square Enix and the mobile title’s developer, Applibot, have officially announced that a Steam version is in development.

Similar to Final Fantasy 16′s PC announcement, no release date or window was given, but one of the game’s directors, Tetsuya Nomura, says it won’t be too long to get their hands on it. While not many details are known, Square Enix added in a live stream that the new Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis platform will allow players to carry their progress on mobile to PC. What exactly is carried over, like rewards, was not revealed.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is a true remake of the original Final Fantasy 7 story (not the “remake” trilogy narrative) that also adapts and reimagines the many other canon stories from the Final Fantasy 7 Compilation. These include Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, the film Advent Children, story scenarios from the novels, and an original story featuring a younger Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis‘ gameplay in the current mobile-exclusive title features turn-based and gacha elements, which we got to review earlier this month.

“Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is not the experience I expected from Square Enix, but it shows promise for a gacha game. Square Enix is notorious for shuttering mobile games within months of launching them, and it’s hard to want to invest time into a mobile game when it feels like it’s on the bubble, ready for the axe to fall,” Bobby said in our Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis review.

“With that in mind, as a freemium game, it makes an excellent case for existing players to throw consumables daily to use as they see fit. I hope Square sticks with this project, as it seems to have begun strong with millions of people wanting more of these characters and of this world.”

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is available for iOS and Android devices. Hopefully, we’ll learn soon when PC players can get their hands on it; hopefully, it will be verified for Steam Deck players, too.