Unicorn Overlord

Atlus Details Unicorn Overlord Characters And World

Publisher Atlus and developer Vanillaware have launched new details regarding the upcoming title, Unicorn OverlordThe studio behind titles like 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Odin Sphere, and Dragon’s Crown are working on their most ambitious game yet.


Today’s update focuses on the characters you’ll meet, including Travis, an ally of the protagonist who serves as a faithful spy and gathers intel and more for the Cornian Liberation Army.


We also meet Yahna and Clive, knights of the old kingdom of Cornia, praised for their intelligence and bravery. Yahan and Clive used their talents to build the Liberation Army as Josef’s right hand.


Chloe is the daughter of a friend of Josef. She joined the Liberation Army, where she became Josef’s apprentice and studied martial arts and academics. She considers Alain, the prince and works to help him succeed.


Hodrick is a former knight and confidant of Queen Ilenia, serving as her guard before being captured by Valmore.


Melisandre is the head of House Meillet, a house of Cornia. After losing her parents and siblings to illness, she was trained by her aunt to be the heir of the Meillet family.


Unicorn Overlord is set on the continent of Fevrith, comprising the five nations: Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. The Zenoiran Empire, under the leadership of Galerie, now dominates the continent.

The Zenoiran Empire once ruled most of the world with advanced technology. It was eventually the victim of a great calamity that destroyed the empire.


The Kingdom of Cornia is at the continent’s centre, where protagonist Alain comes from.

Drakenhold is a mountainous land with deserts in the southeast, where most minerals are pulled from and often has border disputes with Cornia.

Elhemi is a land the light and dark elves reside in, nestled in a forest on the southwestern side of the continent. It boasts a unique system of government headed by a divine seer known as the Turenós.


Bastorias is a country extending across the north, a cold populated area where beast-folk reside. These beast-folk are adept in martial prowess and is led by a council of clan leaders.

Albion is a religious state on a large island to the west, commanding a solid faith-based national and military power under the Pontiff of the Palevian Orthodoxy. The inhabitants are known as Angels.

The overworld is vast and filled with events and quests, with enemies looking to fight and where forts need to be liberated.


  • Various events (quests) occur while exploring the overworld.
  • Take on quests, complete battle stages, and then reap the rewards.
  • All sorts of events are logged as quests. Start with the ones that interest you!


Liberating Towns

  • When you defeat imperial forces and liberate towns and forts, you’ll gain access to armouries and tool shops. Wandering enemies in the region will also disappear, making it easier to explore the area.

Rebuilding Towns

  • Towns devastated by imperial rule can be reconstructed by “delivering” materials, adding facilities and functions that can be used.
  • When large towns and fortified cities are rebuilt, “inns” will be added, where they will be able to serve meals.


  • Items are scattered throughout the overworld, encouraging exploration. Many of these items can be delivered to towns to help rebuild, so be proactive in collecting them.
  • These items will also refresh after a certain number of battles are completed.


  • You can station your comrades in reconstructed towns. Once a character is garrisoned in a town, you will receive rewards each time you complete a stage.
  • Garrisoned soldiers will also collect nearby items from the overworld for you.


  • At forts, you can engage in mock battles in which prearranged allied units fight each other. You can also expand the size of your units to bolster the number of available character slots in a unit.
  • Ultimate maximum size of 10 units with up to 5 members in each.

Honours and Renown

  • To use a fort, you need to prove your valour by earning Honors and to unlock the functions of a fort, you need the appropriate Renown Rank. Honours can be earned by clearing stages and delivering goods, while Renown is earned through quest completion and town rebuilding.
  • Build Renown to hire mercenaries who you can customize as you see fit.

Encounter Battles

  • Find wandering enemies on the overworld to trigger an encounter. Finish off the enemy in one battle to earn experience and Honors.
  • Losing an encounter will send you back to Liberation territory, so watch your strength!


  • Pay gold to play a mining minigame at quarries. Mine as much ore and minerals as you can within the time limit!
  • You might dig up an old treasure map…?