super rare games vol 3

Super Rare Games Returns With Another Mixtape

Super Rare Games‘ best-kept secret is back for the third time, and this one is the charm.

If you’re not familiar with the U.K.’s small-batch rare physical game publisher’s compendium, here’s a primer. Sadly, that first mixtape sold out in just five hours, but Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 offers you another chance to own one of these ultra-exclusive collections.


Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 is a pressing of 2,000 neo green cassette-tape-themed hard drives for PC. Each comes loaded with a hand-curated selection of 30 games and six demos from grassroots indie developers, chosen for a maximum variety of genres and art styles. If you want to feel even more nostalgia and some paper, this collection comes with a full-colour manual with a page dedicated to each of the 36 titles and a description of why they were selected for this collection.

List of games included: After Midnight, birdsong, Bonkers, Commuting, Dank Tomb, Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC, Dink Smallwood HD, Estigma, Finterior Decorator, FurnCap, Gone Wandering, Hot Pot Panic, Inferna, It’s Paper Guy!, Jayce, liminal ranger, Only Cassette Coloring!, Palmystery, PEN GUNS, Pocketon Peak, RETICLE_STAR, Saucy Boy Adventures, Seaway, SHOTDOGS, Slide in the Woods, SpaceScape, Spectrum Valley, Tap Tricks, The Telwynium, and Ugby Mumba 3.

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes magic, Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 includes 24 concept art galleries and seven developer audio commentaries to visually inspire and inform creativity of years gone by and what we can do going forward. 


“On a personal note – Mixtape is my passion project, and anyone who knows me knows how much it means to me. I have a list of 100s of titles I’d love to include on future volumes that I’m sure you’d enjoy!” says Super Rare Games Curator Ryan Brown.  


Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3 is available Thursday, May 26th, 2022, at 1 p.m. ET.