Marvel's Midnight Suns

Here’s A Lengthy Look at Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gameplay

Firaxis and 2K kicked off the short week today with a look at upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In the video, creative director Jake Soloman dove into the new battle system players will be using when the game launches.

While most games based on Marvel properties have featured a ton of action-based battle systems in the past, Firaxis is taking Midnight Suns in a new direction, one that fans of XCOM will find familiar but also feel new. The demo linked below gives us a look at newcomer Hunter and Wolverine teaming up to stop Sabretooth.

The demo doesn’t dive deep into the mechanic but introduces the card-based system the developers decided to use for Midnight Suns. What we see is more like Slay the Spirea game that launched, receiving a glowing score when we reviewed it. After watching the preview, it sure seems like it takes some inspiration from the XCOM series but is wholly its own thing, too.

Soloman mentioned you can equip cards on every character and then have them use those abilities in turn-based battle. I see the abilities as nicely put together UI that will make my decisions in battle easier to decide upon, it’s still too early to decide how well it’ll handle given we’re ways away from launch but the game certainly seems promising.

The demo ends as Hunter enters the base with the team mentioning that you can decorate your room and even pet your hellhound. Talk about giving people what they want.