GTA VI Gameplay Make Its Way Online In Massive Leak [Update]

In what’s probably the biggest gaming leak to date, early gameplay footage of the next Grand Theft Auto title, GTA VI has leaked out.

Update – September 19, 2022: Rockstar Games has issued a statement about the leak on Twitter.

Original Story below:

A user on the GTAForums by the name of teapotuberhacker posted a 3GB of 90 videos of footage from an early build of GTA VI.

The videos contain gameplay such as robberies, gunplay, character animations, NPC dialogue and more.

The leaked footage shows two characters, one female and one man, all set within the backdrop of the Miami-inspired Vice City.

This confirms some earlier leaks that said that GTA VI and would be set in Vice City and would feature two protagonists (one male and one female) in a Bonnie and Clyde situation.

Games journalist for Bloomberg, Jason Schreier has confirmed with his own Rockstar sources that the GTA VI leak is real.

As of right now, it’s unclear how the leaker teapotuberhacker obtained all this footage of GTA VI.

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive confirmed that the next Grand Theft Auto title was in active development but currently no release date has been announced.

Current rumours suggest 2024 or 2025 at the earliest for GTA VI but this massive leak may push the game back internally.