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Hackers Have Revealed The Identity Of The GTA VI Leaker

The individual, denounced by other hackers, would be a young boy from the United Kingdom aged 16

The saga of the major leak of GTA VI from Rockstar Games continues to flow to this day. Let’s remember that yesterday, an article was published that a hacker managed to steal the Slack access of a Rockstar Games employee in order to get his hands on more than 90 gameplay videos, images, and even source code for GTA V, and supposedly GTA 6 and GTA Online.

As you know, this involves huge concerns on the side of Rockstar Games because access to the source codes of the games and even of the engine, called RAGE, would be devastating because it would imply that anyone with bad intentions could create problems with the games and even doing parallel development which could be harmful to the company.

What was the surprise, today, to learn that other hackers have managed to trace the famous hacker who demanded a ransom at the risk of exposing even more who has since closed his social media accounts and went into total radio silence.

In fact, it would be a young 16-year-old boy from the United Kingdom who would be behind all this. As if that weren’t enough, he was reportedly arrested this year for committing the exact same misdeeds elsewhere.

The young man would be, no more and no less, at the head of a group called Lapsus$, under the pseudonym of White, a group of hackers known to have stolen and extorted from large known companies, such as the Ministry of Brazilian Health, Impresa, Mercado Libre, Microsoft, NVidia, Okta, Samsung and Ubisoft! Seven members of the group, teenagers from the UK as well as a teenager from Oxford, U.K. has been arrested. Moreover, the 16-year-old’s father believed that his son was playing games when in fact he was participating in a very high level of cybercrime and extorting several millions of dollars.

It would also be White, under the new pseudonym teapottuberhacker, who is also believed to be behind the Microsoft hack through his Lapsus$ team, which Microsoft discussed in a blog post last year. He also allegedly breached security and hacked Uber earlier this week.

White was arrested last December for his Lapsus$ ties but was released following an investigation. He was also searched on April 1, 2022, and brought to justice the same morning. Released on April 2, he no longer had internet access for a month. This was followed by the famous hacking of Rockstar Games and Uber.

After posting the initial batch of videos and screenshots, the GTA VI hacker revealed they had intended to post more. The hacker then went on to reveal they would like to negotiate a deal with Rockstar Games.