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Grand Theft Auto VI To Include First Playable Female Protagonist

According to a new Bloomberg report by Jason Schreier, Grand Theft Auto VI will feature the series’ first female protagonist — a Latina woman. The story will include a story influenced by Bonny and Clyde.

Furthermore, the developers are ensuring that they do not ‘punch down’ by taking shots at marginalized groups, changing how the series has done things previously and a first for Grand Theft Auto.

From what has been mentioned, Grand Theft Auto VI will be updated over time when it launches, adding new content and missions regularity, expanding the city all while making sure the developers don’t crunch in the lead-up to launch.

Rockstar Games has had a massive shake-up over the last few years with the frat boy culture being tossed aside for more inclusive and supportive initiatives for employees. This includes converting contract employees to full-time, changes to scheduling, removing harmful management from the company, and adding new mental health and leave benefits, including ‘flexitime’ policies giving employees the freedom to take off time for every hour worked.