Deck Nine Games layoffs

Deck Nine Games Hit With Layoffs, Cuts 20 Percent Of Staff

In another week filled with layoffs in the games industry, Deck Nine Games, the current home of the Life is Strange series, has been hit with a reduction in workforce. The studio is famous for Before the Storm and True Colors, as well as The Expanse: A Telltale Series, narrative-driven stories filled with emotion.

The official Twitter account for Deck Nine Games confirms around 20 percent of the staff has been let go due to “worsening market conditions.” Previously, the studio let go of employees in 2023 when narrative designer Elizabeth Ballou revealed several co-workers choose to leave their positions to keep lower-level staff on board.

“Today, many of my brilliant, kind, and talented coworkers at Deck Nine were laid off, and my heart is breaking for them. If your game studio is recruiting, please keep an eye out for D9 folks; you won’t regret it,said Elizabeth Ballou at the time.

Deck Nine Games’ Stephan Frost revealed that leadership at the studio took pay cuts to ensure as many people kept their jobs as possible.

Elizabeth Ballou, who initially revealed the layoff hit her, reveals those affected are to receive two weeks severance, including those who were at the studio for more than seven years.