The Last of Us

The Last of Us Season 1 Finale Was Watched By 8.2 Million Viewers

A Viewership High for the HBO Video Game Adaptation

The Last of Us finale was last night and the numbers are officially in, according to a combination of Nielsen data and first-party data from Warner Bros. Discovery via Variety, it’s being reported that over 8.2 viewers watched the broadcasted finale on both the HBO channel and streaming through HBO Max last night.

The reported series number is a record high for the series which outdid itself slightly as episode 8’s 8.1 million viewer number was the previous record for the series on Sunday. It was a busy Sunday night as the finale was happening while the Oscars were going on which is a similar situation to the show’s 4th episode and the Grammys and even with that the episode still garnered 7.5 million viewers at the time.

It’s not shocking to hear as The Last of Us kicked off with a premiere of 4.7 million viewers and since then has grown its live viewership with each episode leading to a growth of 3.5 million viewers from premiere to finale. We’ll have to see where the series will go from here as the series has already been renewed for a second season only after only two episodes.

As for what Season 2 will entail the show’s creators have been pretty hush but at least confirmed that an adaptation of The Last of Us Part II would take more than one season to tell – right now HBO hasn’t greenlit the show beyond a second season but we’ll have wait and see if/when that will happen.