The Last of Us

The Last of Us Episode 4 Hits New Series High

This episode of HBO’s The Last of Us has reached a new series high of 7.5 million viewers, beating out last week’s 6.4 million viewers that tuned in to watch episode 3, Long, Long Time. We already know that the adaptation of the Naughty Dog has proven to be the second-biggest premiere for HBO since 2010.

Last night’s episode went toe to toe with the 65th Grammys ceremony,  but it doesn’t seem like the event prevented HBO from gaining 17 percent more viewers for its newest television show.

Per Variety, The Last of Us is on a more rapidly inclining trajectory than House of the Dragon. Premiering with 10 million viewers, House of the Dragon viewers would drop by its third episode and then stay steady for the rest of the season. The Last of Us has improved each with thanks to word of mouth.

This week’s episode of The Last of Us will premiere on Friday instead, skipping over competition — the Super Bowl. This should help alleviate concerns regarding viewer count on what is likely the most watched event of the year.