Chrono Cross

The Recent Chrono Cross Remaster Exists Due To Preservation Fears

Last year’s Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition remaster exists because the developers at Square Enix became worried that the original PlayStation version would be “unplayable.”

“Back when the project was launched, Chrono Cross was possibly going to become unplayable. There was a Game Archive service on PlayStation 3 that allowed you to play PlayStation 1 games. But PlayStation 4 was already on the market. We didn’t know at the time if PlayStation 4 would also have a Game Archive service. It looked like Chrono Cross could become unplayable. So, a remaster project was set up. That’s the backstory.”

It isn’t a surprise that PlayStation isn’t doing right but the legacy the brand has built over the decades. I’ve said several times that Sony is averse to the preservation it needs and it continues to be an issue, albeit with a bit less of a choke than before. While there is the PSone Classics collection, it wasn’t a diverse enough portfolio of the games that came before, leaving many iconic classics stuck on older hardware.

Still though, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition launched to mixed reception, however, most of the concerns centred around performance issues. Still, though, I’d take that over not having the access to the games I grew up with, as the developers can patch the issues.