Sony’s Next PS5 Revision Will Reportedly Feature a Detachable Disc Drive

Sources say the newly redesigned PS5 Will launch around next September

Well, it looks like the PS5 might be getting a unique revision next year, according to Insider Gaming’s sources. The publication reports that the upcoming console release is slated for September 2023 and will feature a detachable disc drive that won’t ruin the aesthetic of the console. The newest PlayStation console will be almost the same as the current specs of the current console but nothing has been confirmed if this new PS5 will be lighter and slimmer than the current model.

Additionally, Sony’s PlayStation 5 revision will reportedly come with one extra USB-C port on the back of the consoles which is where the detachable drive will plug into. Sources go on to say that at this time the redesigned console will be sold on its own and as a bundle that comes with the detachable drive which hints that Sony will seemingly still sell the PS5 as two differently priced models but how much of a difference is still not known.

The move is another sign of being able to customize your PS5, the first being able to manually install and screw in an SDD for more internal memory to get out of their ninth generation PlayStation console. A possible hope in the change of production may be to make the PS5 lighter across all consoles, this probably has nothing to do with making PS5s quicker as the real culprit of the console stock shortage is due to the ongoing chip scarcity that started at the beginning of the pandemic. Even with the lack of console availability, Sony recently revealed back in June it has sold over 21.7 million PlayStation 5 consoles so far.