Xbox Accessibility

Xbox Updates & Expands Its Accessibility Options

Xbox App changes, updated support pages, and player feedback

Xbox has updated the gaming community with some new developments in the world of accessibility for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Some of the changes are small, but impactful, while they also provided some updates on some of their ongoing accessibility projects.

It may seem minor at first, but an update to their search engine on the Xbox site now allows gamers to filter their game choices by their accessibility needs and preferences. The blog post says that “as well as search for games based on their Supported Language, with over 17 supported languages. For example, let’s say a player is looking to find Action & Adventure games that have adjustable difficulty settings and spatial audio support. The improved experience allows users to do just that.”

The next update went live about two months ago, but a day like Global Accessibility Awareness Day is perfect to highlight changes to the Xbox App on PC.

two brand new settings: Disable background images and Disable animations. These settings are designed to help players reduce visual components that could cause disruption, confusion, or irritation.

Above is an extended look at what the app now has to offer.

Xbox’s accessibility community continues to expand for players and developers with the Microsoft Game Accessibility Testing Service. Here, game creators have learned how to successfully add accessibility tags to their titles and receive feedback from around the world. An astounding 13,000 hours of play have been logged in the MGATS program since it launched just two years ago. Data and feedback like this are key to making strides and building a more accessible industry.

Finally, support pages have also been adjusted, with over 150 accessibility controls now available to players. With that many on hand for PC and console, gamers can now see in detail how to change controller stick sensitivity an example. All the options can be used and looked into at any time on the Xbox apps or support pages on their website.