Street Figther x Casetify

Street Fighter x CASETiFY Collection Announced

Starting on August 31, 2022, Street Fighter x CASETiFY are working together to get your gear looking sharp and ready to scrap.

There’s quite a bit to choose from for the Street Fighter fanatic in your home and most of these products include familiar faces from the massive fighting game from Capcom. For fans, this is the perfect opportunity to combine their love of Street Fighter with the safety of CASETiFY’s drop-proof accessories. If you’re wondering who is part of the collection, we got you covered:  Chun-Lu, Ryu, Ken, and Guile will grace your phone on CASETiFY’s best-selling Impact Cases and Ultra Impact Cases. The one case that stands out is the Hyakuretsu Kyaku or Lightning Kick move Chun-Li is specifically known for. CASETiFY has made a Limited Edition Lenticular Cae that begins at $83 CAD.


You can pick up several items to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary including a character selection screen phone case, which includes a squared mirror to add yourself to the roster. Or one of the battle cases, which showcases in-game characters Chun-Li, Ryu, or Guile.


CASETiFY is planning on bringing the collection to your devices including iPhone, Air Pod cases, watch bands, and water bottles with these items ranging from $35 CAD to $85 CAD.


You can sign up for the waitlist here, when things go live on August 31, 2022.