Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft Announces Price Hike Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, New Tier Announced

Microsoft announced it is increasing the subscription fee for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers beginning on September 12, 2024, for current users and today for new subscribers. The fee is currently $16.99 US/$18.99 CAD but will rise to $19.99 US/$22.99 CAD.

In an email (which I received in my mailbox), Microsoft announced it would also add another tier, Xbox Game Pass Standard, this September. However, it doesn’t include day-one access to first-party Xbox games. This new tier is priced at $14.99 US. No Canadian pricing was listed.

Additionally, Microsoft says it will shutter Xbox Game Pass for Console for new users. At the same time, current subscribers can stay on this tier as long as they keep an active subscription. If a user’s subscription lapses, they must select a new tier.

Beginning on September 12, 2024, users can stack Xbox Game Pass for Consoles for up to 13 months. Note the limitation imposed if you use pre-paid cards. The change will not impact those currently with more than 13 months.

Users of PC Game Pass will see an increase from $9.99 US/$11.99 CAD to $9.99 US/$14.99 CAD.

A price increase to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate makes sense, with Microsoft closing its acquisition deal with Activision Blizzard. With nearly $70 billion to purchase one of the biggest publishers in the world and Call of Duty arriving on the service on day one, something had to give, and it was clear we would see a bump in pricing to make up for spending Microsoft did these last few years.