Zero Latency

Toronto Gets New VR Experience From Zero Latency

Toronto is a little more virtual.

Zero Latency Toronto, which is part of what it calls “the global leader in immersive entertainment and creator of the largest free-roam VR network in the world.” is now open in Canada’s largest city, offering a large, 2,400 square-foot arena for you to fill up with a myriad of free-roam VR worlds including one based on Far Cry 3 and it’s infamous villain Vaas Montenegro.

Here are the immersive experiences you can access when you visit Zero Latency:

· Far Cry VR: Conquer the award-winning virtual world of Rook Island in this Zero Latency and Ubisoft-exclusive` adventure
· Sol Raiders: Team up in an adrenaline-pumping chase for the ultimate power source against real opponents – a truly competitive PVP experience designed and built for esports
· Undead Arena: Survive a post-apocalyptic game show and keep the crowds entertained as you fight your way through hordes of zombies
· Engineerium: Enter an ancient world where gravity is not as it seems in this puzzle adventure

“Since opening our doors, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for Zero Latency Toronto,” said Sean Chaudhry, owner of Zero Latency Toronto. “We have seven different adventures, all offering different experiences, from shooting zombies to solving puzzles and everything in between. Combine that with our helpful and enthusiastic staff members and we’re constantly exceeding customer expectations of what a VR experience can be.”

Zero Latency Toronto utilizes the company’s next-generation technology to allow you and up to eight friends and family to become fully immersed with more freedom of movement and agency than ever before. 

Bookings are open now at $48 per player.