ys origin

Ys Origin is Coming to Switch

Dotemu is working on a new port of Ys Origins which is set to reach the Nintendo Switch later this year. Origins is a prequel to the entire Ys series and originally launched in the West in 2012 on PC. For those who want to invest in a physical copy, it’s coming out via Limited Run Games.

The Ys series has been around for a long time across decades and their popularity is due to the excellent battle system, the puzzles, the platforming and music. I’ve been hooked since Ys V: The Ark of Napishtim and have subsequently gone and caught up with the series over the years.

Ys Origin joins aspiring knight Yunica Tovah and mage Hugo Fact, two fighters desperately searching for the Goddesses that have abandoned them.

Fans who opt for Limited Run Games’ releases can choose between a standard version and a special collector’s edition which includes a poster, a physical copy of the game’s stirring soundtrack, an art book capturing scenes from Ys Origin’s surreal world, and a unique collector’s box.