Ys: Nordics

Ys: Nordics To Launch This Fall In The West

NIS America will publish the upcoming Falcom title Ys: Nordics in the West later this year.

Adol Christin, a red-haired adventurer, and Karja Balta, a proud pirate, find themselves bound by an unknown force as they encounter each other at sea. They try to find a way to break the mystical ties that bind them but soon get involved in a conflict between two groups: the Normans, who are seafaring warriors, and the Griegr, who are mysterious and seemingly immortal. The people of Obelia Gulf are at risk, and Adol and Karja must navigate their unexpected bond and the power that it gives them to save them.

Players control Adol and Karja as they work together to solve the mystery around the Obelia Gulf and its residents.

The Cross Action system allows you to swap between the two characters and combine them to overcome enemies with the Revenge Gauge.

Additionally, Mana helps Adol overcome challenges; he can even Grapple and slide, create platforms, and more.

You’ll also sail the seas with your ship, the Sandras, where you can engage in naval battles and discover uncharted islands.


NIS America says Fall is most likey when Ys: Nordics will launch. A Deluxe Edition and a Limited Edition were revealed, which will likely be exclusive to the NIS America Store.