YouTube Shorts

YouTube Monetizes Shorts in Canada

The path to making money on YouTube in Canada has just gotten… shorter.

Google Canada is announcing that the YouTube Shorts Fund is now available in Canada. 

It’s pretty likely you’ve seen some of your favourite YouTubers using the mobile-made Shorts. The video platform that’s an extension of YouTube exists in a corner of the web meant for simplification on mobile devices. 

Google is aiming to maximize the potential of its platform that’s seemingly intended to combat TikTok, and they are dropping some serious change in order to get community help. Through the YouTube Shorts Fund, thousands of creators whose Shorts receive the most engagements and views will receive monetary rewards from a $100 million global fund paid out into 2022.

The goal of this partnership fund is to build the best two-way relationship between YouTube designers the YouTube creators the help. Some of the things already on the way thanks to the working relationship is:

  • The ability to automatically add captions to your Short
  • Recording for videos up to 60 seconds with the Shorts camera
  • The ability to add clips from your phone’s gallery to add to your recordings made with the Shorts camera
  • Add basic filters to colour correct your Shorts

For those who aren’t yet a part of the YouTube Partner Program, it’s important to note that The Shorts Fund is not limited to just recognized creators. All Shorts creators are eligible to participate so long as they create original content for Shorts and adhere to our Community Guidelines.