YouTube and Ali-A Will Host Global Talent Show Uture

Look, it is hard to grow an audience on YouTube.

Take it from a guy whose only real experience with doing so came from a music review and news channel that had a whole two followers! Basically, you don’t trust my expertise.

So take it from a group of people much more suited to helping you than I am: gaming YouTubers!

uTure [you-ture] is a brand-new talent show streaming exclusively on YouTube.

The rules are pretty aptly explained in the YouTube format above by the cast of judges tasked with selecting 10 people to appear alongside Alastair “Ali-A” Aiken when it gets started in June.

Applications are open now until May 8th and are as simple as creating a YouTube Short that’s a demo reel and using the hashtag: #uTureShow and emailing your video to uTure.show

Once things get underway, episodes will air twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The format of the show will present a content creation challenge each week that participants will have to address. The judges will offer constructive feedback but fans of the show, and its participating creators can vote in an attempt to convince the judges who stays and who goes.

In a statement, Ali-A says, “YouTube is home to tens of thousands of brilliant gaming creators that haven’t yet been discovered. It’s my hope that uTure will give all these creative individuals their moment to shine and learn from gaming veterans in the space in front of YouTube’s millions-strong global audience… Thank you to YouTube for supporting this idea, and best of luck to everyone who enters!”

Get out there and make those Shorts!