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YouTube Gaming Is Finally Available In Canada!

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Canadians rejoice! The YouTube Gaming app is now available on Android and iOS for all Canadians. YouTube Gaming is a hub with all your favorite games, gamers, lets-players, videos, and livestreams and a huge community of gamers all in one place.


The app initially launched August of last year in the US and UK. Today’s release features an updated version of the app that introduces a lot of fun new features to welcome Canada to the party. YouTube worked closely with the gaming community and listened to feedback for the new features.

Over 144 billion minutes of livestreams and video games are watched on YouTube every month. With the new YouTube Gaming up, you will be granted access to all your favorite videos, live streams and more with thousands of game pages all in the palm of your hand.


This app includes such features as:

  • Mobile Capture: which allows you to record your very own livestreams of mobile games. After clicking “Go Live” in the YouTube Gaming app, your face and commentary will be recorded using your phones camera and microphone. It’s as easy as that!
  • Homepage Navigation: A simplified homepage that makes finding what you’re looking for that much quicker.
  • Game and Channel Browsing: Its now easier as ever to manage your games and channels as well as discovering new ones.
  • Dedicated Live Destination: Whenever a channel you’re subscribed to does a live stream it’ll be here.
  • Android Live Playback: The Android live stream player is upgraded so that it supports quality switching, 60fps playback, and DVR mode.
  • Pop-out Player: On Android, you can now pop out the YouTube Gaming player to keep it visible above other apps on your device.


Now that you know what’s up what are you waiting for? Go download it! Go!