Your Smartphone, Achievement Unlocked!


Achievement Unlocked! As you may know, the CRTC’s new wireless code will finally apply to all wireless contracts in Canada tomorrow. This means a wave of wireless customers will be able to walk away from their old three-year contracts without penalty – so we could see a larger than normal amount of people switching carriers in the next month or two.


ZTE Canada want you to know that  it’s a great time now to talk about unlocked phones.

So without further adieu, here are the top four things people should know about buying unlocked, from ZTE Canada!

Four things you should know about buying an unlocked phone:


  1. Save money every month!
    • That “$0” price tag may seem attractive, but you’ll still pay for it with more expensive monthly plans that add up over a two year term
    • In contrast, most carriers offer a discount on your monthly plan if you bring your own device. And with an unlocked phone you’re not locked into a contract!
    • Or go pre-paid and manage your budget by only paying for the services you need ahead of time.
    • Freedom feels good! Choose any carrier and any device and customize a plan that works for you. Say goodbye to cancellation fees, device balances and contracts!
  2. Lost, stolen or broken?
    • We’ve all been there: you can’t find your device, it just smashed all over the sidewalk, or heaven forbid – someone has stolen it. Paying to end your contract (not to mention the remaining balance of the device that no longer works) can be costly.
    • You can get a brand new, unlocked Android smartphone (with a full warranty) to ride out the rest of your contract, often for less than you’d pay your carrier in contract fees and device balance charges.
  3. Get the performance you want for a lot less than you’d expect
    • Android is the fastest-growing platform in the Canadian smartphone market; over 50% of smartphones in Canada now run Android (according to Catalyst). Many Android smartphones, including those from ZTE, offer a premium experience at an affordable price.
    • “ZTE has and continues to consistently develop premium devices that meet the needs of consumers without breaking the bank,” says J.D Abram, vice president of terminal sales at ZTE Canada. “The unlocked market is a growing space in Canada; customers want all the features of a premium device at a price that is affordable. Whether you’re looking for a smartphone on a term contract or prefer to go unlocked, ZTE has a phone for you.”
  4. Travel frequently? An unlocked device lets you be a local wherever you go!
    • With a carrier-locked device, you’re forced to pay outrageous roaming and overage charges if you want to use your phone in another country.
    • An unlocked phone gives you the freedom to use a SIM card from any compatible network, anywhere in the world. Buy a local SIM card when you land, put it in your phone, and stay connected with no roaming charges!  For more information on ZTE please visit www.ztedevices.ca.Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/ZTECanada | Follow us on Twitter @ZTE_Canada

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