Young Souls

Young Souls to Launch on Stadia First, Then on PC

Having been out of the news since 2018, I had briefly thought about Young Souls just yesterday and wondered what had happened to the game.

Young Souls 03 Combat

And today, we get the news that Young Souls, the game currently in development at 1P2P and published by The Arcade Crew, is coming out in 2021. The catch is that the game is heading to Stadia first before later releasing it on PC.

You play as Jenn and Tritan, orphaned twins who go about their everyday lives before everything they know is upended when their scholarly guardian goes missing. As an RPG beat em’up, you’ll head through a portal in the basement to search for the professor and battle through the various worlds the save your guardian.

Young Souls’ day and night cycle see Jenn and Tristan roaming their quaint town during the day in preparation for all-night fights through loot-stuffed dungeons. Efficiently spent days can grant an upper hand during evenings, and exploring the duo’s quiet neighbourhood enriches Young Souls’ touching tale of saving their lone loved one along with the wider world.

Young Souls 01 Goblin Street

Inject the game straight into my veins. I’m enamoured with the style, the combat, and pretty much everything we’ve seen today. Wishlist the game on Steam here.