Young Souls

Young Souls Launches on March 10

Young Souls, the upcoming co-op brawler from developer 1P2P and The Arcade Crew, is finally arriving on consoles on March 10, following a timed-release on Stadia.

Young Souls combines the beat’em up genre with RPG elements and offers a gorgeous art direction to boot. Playing as orphaned siblings Jenn and Tristan, the twins navigate the world together, exploring to find an adoptive father that is missing. Together you’ll venture into the goblin realm to find the man who raised you and you’ll need to make sure you have the right gear and weapons to stay safe and fight an assortment of enemies and bosses.

Your time is split up between the goblin world and the human world. In Portsborough, you can shop and speak to the people of the town. Head to the city’s underground and you’ll find a portal to the Goblin Market, where you can purchase items before heading to their world.

“Equipment also helps boost your stats. From dungeon to dungeon, you’ll find new weapons and combat gear. Each piece of equipment is unique and offers exclusive features that allow you to personalize your experience and help progress your character the way you want” says Jérôme Fait. “Also, most equipment can be upgraded via the many shopkeepers in the goblin market, helping to boost stats and unlock new capacities.”

I’ve been excited to see how Young Souls turns out after being revealed back in 2018. We’ll be posting our review closer to launch so be sure to check back next week.