Young Souls Announced

Okay, this is a title I can get behind. Young Souls is an entirely new game from The Arcade Crew, a subsidiary of Dotemu.

Young Souls is about twin teens who face everything together and features a story full of life, family, and adventure.

The gorgeous art style is what caught my attention, it is gorgeously animated and features a distinct style that I am drooling over.

Featuring twins Jenn and Tristan, teens who find themselves abandoned until they are adopted by a scientist as they start a new life together. Living in the small town of Portsbourgh, things are uneventful for the twins until they discover a portal to another world. From there, they discover an assortment of monsters, as well as friends, and the game follows the twins as they explore this new world together.

Young Souls features intelligently designed drop in/drop out mechanics, meticulously and gorgeously rendered environments to play in, set to a beautiful original soundtrack scored by Joachim Neuville