Sony Will Allow You to Beta Test Features on PS5

Sony has announced a new beta program for PS5 owners to help test some new features.

Previously, Sony has offered a software beta for the PS4 but this is the first one for the PS5.

If you’re 18 and older and in Canada, the U.S., Japan, the U.K., Germany and France, you can sign up for the PS5 system software beta program.

It’s worth mentioning, you’ll need a PS5 console (if you can find one) with an active internet connection and a PlayStation Network account to sign up.

For those selected, you’ll then be given instructions on how to install the beta software on your PS5. You’ll then be able to try the new features out and give Sony feedback to make improvements.

In their last PS5 system update back in April, they added features like USB extended storage, cross-gen Share Play, improved Game Base and more.

Sony hasn’t mentioned what features will be included in this new system beta but it’ll be coming to all PS5 owners later this year.