You Can Finally Merge Your Fortnite Accounts

A feature that’s been requested for some time has finally gone live for players. Those who created separate accounts so they could play Fortnite on their consoles are able to merge their accounts, but the process takes a few weeks to complete.

Epic Games figured a way to combine Epic accounts so all your V-Bucks, costumes, and items are now available on all platforms. If you’re one of the few who is wondering why this is even a thing – look to Sony. Prior to this, the PlayStation 4 version of Fortnite required a separate Epic account and progress didn’t carry over to other consoles.

To say the public voice was anything but disappointed wouldn’t be true. In fact, it wasn’t until September that Sony allowed their console to join the others and allow them to play nicely together. Eventually, Sony announced a cross-play beta with certain third-party titles. However, several developers are calling out Sony for taking so long to bring the service to their own games.

To merge your accounts, it’s as easy heading over to this page and follow the instructions. Before that, consider which account you’ll be sticking with as your “Primary Account.” This account contains all your items. You can’t merge any banned or suspended accounts, and you’ll need to have used the account at least once before September 28, 2018.

Battle Passes and Save the World progress do not transfer. If you wish to keep those, you’ll have to choose that account as your main account.