Yoshinori Kitase

Yoshinori Kitase is Final Fantasy’s New Brand Manager

Over the weekend Square Enix held Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest and the three-day event held many surprised for fans of the massively successful MMO, including the release date of Endwalker, the next expansion coming this Fall. There is also the news that Shinji Hashimoto, the brand director for over a decade was stepping down and announcing a new successor.

Appearing with Hashimoto on stage was Yoshinori Kitase, the pair were introduced by XIV producer Naoki Yoshida, where you can see in the video below Hashimoto appears before making the announcement that Kitase would serve as his successor. Kitase has served on several properties including Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, with a production credit on Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Shinji Hashimoto will continue to serve on the board of directors at Square Enix. “I will continue my work at Square Enix. I will not disappear all of a sudden. So I appreciate your continuing support,” said Hashimoto to the crowd.