Yasunori Mitsuda Will Contribute Music To Sea of Stars

Sabotage recently revealed their next project via Kickstarter, Sea of Stars, and quickly hit their project goals shortly after launch. As of this posting, the Kickstarter is over $100,000 the last stretch goal and the developers behind 2018’s fantastic game The Messenger.

Sea of Stars is a fantasy turn-based RPG set with the same universe as The Messenger and has been positively received so far. Today, the studio revealed that famed Yasunori Mitsuda will contribute to the game’s musical score. Mitsuda has a long, illustrious career in music and has worked on Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and Chrono Cross.

“Without knowing exactly why, ‘I want to write music for this game’ was the feeling I had while seeing it convey the nostalgic golden age of the 90s,” said Mitsuda. “Although there are still many games being released with this classic style, I don’t think players are satisfied with just nostalgia. As seen in their previous game, by adding new systems and ideas to classic formulas, Sabotage Studio breathes fresh, new air into their work.

Thierry Boulanger, the CEO of Sabotage is excited to include the famed composer to Sea of Stars, citing the inclusion of Mitsuda as making he game feel truly whole.

Sea of Stars’ compelling world unites players with Valere and Zale, youths fated to become Solstice Warriors. Combining their Sun and Moon powers to perform Eclipse Magic, they are pledged to fight the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer. Sabotage’s knack for twisting narratives makes for an engrossing, wondrous tale surrounding a world’s looming apocalyptic threat.

Due to incredible demand from the backer community, Sea of Stars would be getting an early backer exclusive physical edition that’s coming from Limited Run Games, which includes art from Bryce Kho (Aegis Defenders) for $90 CAD .