Yakuza: Like a Dragon Revealed

Sega officially revealed Yakuza 7 at an event in Japan at the UDX Theatre in Tokyo and shed light on several changes coming to the series, some even being a first for the series. After teasing fans and followers over the last year, we know that Yakuza 7 is officially titled Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

The seventh mainline entry shifts away from the famed Kamurocho setting and move us away to Yokohama. Not only that, but we’re now playing as Ichiban Kasuga, a third-generation Tojo Clan member under the Arakawa family. Ichiban took the blame for a crime and served 18 years for the crime he didn’t commit. On his release, he is soon burned as no one is there waiting for him and so returns to find out why before ending up on Yokohama.

What really caught me off-guard is switching from an action-combat system to what the developers are now calling “live command RPG battle” that combines action familiar RPG commands. This is an evolution for the series and a new way to experience Yakuza. In this completely new battle system, Ichiban Kasuga and his party will fight by selecting techniques with various effects such as attack, recovery, support, and more. Enjoy immersive and dynamic battles against all sorts of enemies.

Don’t worry though, according to Sega, they did this because the studio wanted to try something different after concluding with the previous game format. Via Takashi Mochizuki on Twitter, we learn that if this isn’t what fans what after release then they will go back to action:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon arrives in 2020.