Xtreme Sports

23 Years Later, Xtreme Sports Hits Nintendo Switch

Originally a GBC title, the pixelated game is back on new hardware

Retro games and extreme sports fans, get ready! Xtreme Sports is back, hitting the Switch in all its classic and glorious GameBoy Color fashion.

Initially released in 2000 for the Nintendo handheld, the game takes a wild and wacky approach to the sports genre with skateboarding, surfing, in-line skating, street luge, and why not fall from the sky with some skyboarding action!? Each one has its own courses and objectives, and you try to tally up the best score.

Playing as Guppi or her boyfriend Finn, you’ll compete on Xtreme Island, where you’ll try to become the new Xtreme Champion. As you can see from the trailer, Xtreme Sports still looks and sounds like the 23-year-old original but is polished and updated to modern hardware. The character and world design may look familiar to some retro game fans, as the director of the Shantae series was also at the helm of this original title in 2000.

And to add more flavour and depth to the game, there is some excellent content away from the competitions in Xtreme Sports. Light RPG-like elements happen in between tricks and jump as Guppi and Finn interact with other island residents and unlock some hidden medals and secrets.

At a brisk and cheap $9.99, the remastered and updated title sits at a pretty low price. But if physical media is more your thing, a Limited Run Games special edition will be released later this year. You will be able to play on your Switch, and a working GameBoy Color cartridge will also be included.