Silent Hope

XSEED’s Silent Hope Posts Opening Movie

XSEED, alongside Marvelous USA, revealed the opening movie upcoming action RPG Silent Hope, which is set to launch later this year.

“I’ve loved RPGs ever since I was a child. While party games are about competing with others, RPGs are about taking things at your own pace, whether levelling up your party, enjoying the scenery, or diving deeper into the stories of the main cast and even the supporting characters as well,” Shuusaku Yanagita, lead singer of KAMI WA SAIKORO WO FURANAI said regarding working on Silent Hope.

“When I was chosen to write the theme song for Silent Hope, a brand-new action RPG, my eyes lit up just like I was a kid again. The story and themes of this game, set in a world that has lost the ability to communicate through language, feel like an antithesis to today’s social media society. Words are a double-edged sword–a single, simple word can hurt someone deeply, but on the other hand, a single word can also save someone’s life. We hope that the message of Silent Hope and of our song will reach not only audiences in Japan, but around the world!”

Silent Hope is set in a world where a once peaceful King stole the people’s speech before escaping into The Abyss. The Princess mourned the loss of her father and his actions, eventually having her tears crystallized. Years after these events, when the memories of this tragedy have faded, seven heroes are drawn to the Princess. To free her from prison, the heroes venture into The Abyss to find the King and reunite the royal family.

The seven heroes each have their own unique fighting style alongside a unique weapon. Some are fighters while others provide support, and as they go through The Abyss together, they’ll come across Base Camp, where they can improve gear, craft items, and recover.


Preorders are now available for the physical Day 1 edition, which includes an artbook and soundtrack at the XSEED Games Store and participating retailers for a suggested retail price of $49.99 US/$66 CAD.

Silent Hopes launches on Switch and PC on October 3, 2023.