XSEED Games Reveals PAX West 2023 Playable Lineup

XSEED Games is attending PAX West from September 1 through September 4, 2023.

The American wind of Japanese publisher Marvelous brings several of their most desired titles to the show.

XSEED Games at PAX West

Including action-focused titles Silent Hope, Rune Factory 3 SpecialCuisineerTouhou: New World, and Fashion Dreamer.

Freedom Planet 2 will be published by XSEED Games. In the years since the original game’s events, our three returning heroes have refined their signature abilities, making them more formidable than ever before. You take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, or take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield. And the all-new playable character Neera won’t be left out in the cold, as she can use her influential Frost Arts to punish foes.

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused game where players can express their unique styles using their avatar, a Muse.

Silent Hope harkens back to the glory days of isometric dungeon crawlers while infusing them with a modern approach. Players will take the role of seven unlikely heroes, each with their own unique weapons, fighting styles, and non-combat jobs.

Cuisineer includes a world of food! Step into the shoes of Pom, a cook with a taste for adventure, as she returns to her hometown of Paell to find her parents gone and their beloved restaurant abandoned. Now it’s up to her to turn the eatery’s fortunes around!

Rune Factory 3 Special returns after a decade, remade for the Switch, with improved gameplay, graphics, new character models, and new features like Newlywed Mode, a Hell difficulty, and more.

Touhou: New World returns players to Gensokyo, supernatural world humans and the spirits known as youkai call home. While far from idyllic, life for residents is relatively uneventful; that is, until the mystical barrier protecting it is breached by an outsider harbouring an obsession with the supernatural realm, bringing chaos to both Gensokyo and the world beyond.

XSEED will also work with developer GalaxyTrail to bring their 2022 PC hit platformer Freedom Planet 2 to consoles.

Those lucky enough to find themselves at PAX West can head to the Seattle Convention Center, North Hall #1325, to spend some hands-on time with demos for these games.