One Of Square Enix’s Shareholders Asked For A Xenogears Remaster

At the 43rd Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 23, 2023, Takashi Kiryu, who joined the company in 2022 before assuming the role of President this year, answered questions from shareholders.

Some questions asked how Kiryu plans to address the younger generation and whether he picked Bianca or Flora (Nera) in Dragon Quest V(he went with Bianca because she is vivacious!).

However, one shareholder asked the right question when speaking to Kiryu, asking whether or not a Xenogears remaster would be considered.

Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster launched earlier this year and has been received well by fans and critics.


While it is unlikely Square and Kiryu would directly answer a loaded question like this, it’s undoubtedly good seeing that some shareholders also wish to revisit Xenogears, given the recent success of the Xenoblade titles.

The story of Xenogears takes place in a world where two powerful nations, the Gazel Ministry and the Ethos, are locked in a long-standing conflict. The game follows the protagonist, Fei Fong Wong, a young man with a mysterious past and hidden powers.  The game is known for its complex and thought-provoking storyline, combining elements of science fiction, philosophy, and religious symbolism.

While it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, we know that Bandai Namco considered porting and remastering the Xenosaga games at one point. If there were any time these companies should work on these games, now would be ideal given the critical and commercial reception of Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade games.