Xbox Mentoring - Kickstart Your Career

Xbox’s ‘Mentoring: Kickstart Your Career’ Is Now Open

Xbox has announced that it’s kicking off a mentoring program under the company’s global “Kickstart Your Career” program.

While the program is open to everyone in Canada who is over the age of 18, there’s a larger focus on providing opportunities for females interested in gaming. According to this not-totally-related-to-gaming study, just 69% of women have had female mentors. Additionally, most women (7 out of 10) shared they prefer to have female mentors. It’s for these reasons Xbox has selected an impressive collection of women in games to serve as mentors.

Speaking of collections, Canada’s mentor is Venessa Nyarko, a producer from Gears of War developer The Coalition. According to her bio, “Venessa is a passionate playmaker who brings teams together to develop cohesive storytelling that creates a rich player experience. She develops frameworks to make the best plays, getting the right people in the right conversations and executing on bringing all the pieces together for epic gameplay.”

Registration is now open and will continue to be so until April 17th. Successful candidates will be selected later this month and will have a one-on-one session with Vanessa, where they will be able to come up with questions for Vanessa and look for her leadership.