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Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom White Special Edition Revealed

Xbox has another controller for you to add to your collection. Just like any other collectible, you really can’t stop at just one, can you?

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Revealed during today’s Inside Xbox, the Phantom White Special Edition Xbox One Controller is beautiful and it’s available starting on April 2 for roughly $90 CAD. The Phantom White Controller is the second in a series, following the Phantom Black Special Edition. There’s a sleek design with hints of a sci-fi inspiration. This controller reflects a sense of mystery with rich, neutral colours that fade away to reveal the technology inside. From top to bottom, this controller transitions from a high-tech translucent white with gold mechanical components underneath to an opaque matte white. The buttons, triggers, thumbsticks and bumpers are a sleek, glossy white with light grey accents. On the back, textured grips will help you stay on-target.

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I’m a sucker for a good looking controller and this generation Xbox is releasing dozens of beautiful controllers, from their basic black to the beautiful Sea of Thieves controller. I know these are pricey for the average consumer but compared to the DualShock 4, which I’ve had to replace a handful of times thanks to the rubber on the joysticks wearing out, these are quality builds and sleek as hell.