Xbox Holiday

A New Xbox Study Reveals Gaming Is Now A Family Holiday Tradition

For many of us, Xbox’s latest market research study isn’t news: gaming is a part of the holiday tradition.

I remember making it a part of mine in 1998 when my grandma gifted me an original PlayStation for Christmas, and I couldn’t even wait to get home before playing with it.

According to the new study, which was conducted globally in six markets (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico) by YouGov, purports that when asked what they plan to do with their holidays, 38 percent of respondents put gaming within the top five activities to partake upon.

Based on the study, respondents aren’t doing it alone. Half of them said they would be playing “family-friendly” games with fellow family members.

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Breaking down these social statistics even further, people to play with go across the spectrum. A surprising number of respondents appear to be parents, as 40 percent of that group that plans to play with family members intend to play with kids. Inversely, it seems kids don’t really intend to play with their parents, as only 21 percent plan to play with their parents. And while 56 percent of respondents believe gaming to be a good activity to share between older and younger generations, only five percent plan to play with their grandparents.

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A total of 71 percent of survey respondents agree that the variety of video games available means that everyone in the family – from kids to grandparents – can play.

My father-in-law has been a huge influence on my moving to focus mainly on computer gaming. So we share a lot of our experiences together. But it would appear the respondents to this survey don’t feel the same relationship. Only 10 percent said they would be playing with their in-laws.