Xbox Shows off More of Fable in Cinematic Trailer

Kicking off today’s Xbox Games Showcase was our first look at Fable (in a long time) in the form of a cinematic trailer of Xbox Games Studios’ premiere upcoming game which featured comedian, Richard Ayoade narrating the trailer in comedic fashion.

The showcase of the game was totally in favour of the game’s hero but we did get a confrontation between the two characters which revealed that Ayode’s character is a giant which the hero fights and takes down off-screen.

Probably the most disappointing of the trailer is the lack of gameplay and no date for the series reboot. Guess it’s better than not being featured as this game always felt it would be a while before the game would be released when it was announced back in 2020. Still good to get a tease of what the game’s tone will be when we get our hands on Fable, whenever that may be.