Xbox Transparency Report

Xbox Releases Fourth Transparency Report Sharing Newest Applications of AI in Gaming Safety

Look, we have to be honest with each other. The computers are taking over and on their way into gaming.

Yup, that’s right. AI is putting its artificial hands on everything, including technology and gaming.

In the fourth of its publicly accessible Transparency Report, Xbox is committing to utilize parent company Microsoft’s existing Responsible AI Standard to bring AI to the Xbox environment while keeping the human connection.

According to the Washington-based gaming company, their commitment is to utilize AI to handle easier base tasks while allowing “human moderators to focus on the more complex and nuanced harms, ensuring that our actions to safeguard the community are accurate, consistent, and fair.”

 The first part of this is bringing AI-assisted “Auto Labeling” to Xbox conversational text, allowing for words or phrases that match criteria and characteristics of potentially harmful content to be caught by an automated net and removed before it even lands in front of a moderator or player. 

Next, “Image Pattern Matching” allows Xbox’s AI to search through imagery databases and patterns against images in the Xbox ecosystem so that they can be flagged and removed more efficiently.

On the Xbox Wire, you can read more about the report, which covers July to December 2023. 

Outside of these updates, the report highlights a few of the moderation wins Xbox achieved last year.

In July of last year, we wrote about Xbox’s voice reporting feature to capture voice clips of bad behaviour and report it with minimal impact to their gameplay. The report highlights that 138,000 voice records have been captured and submitted since its launch. “When those reports resulted in an Enforcement Strike, 98% of players showed improvement in their behavior and did not receive subsequent enforcements.”

Xbox wants to update its proactive approach to prevent harmful content from reaching players more effectively. The report says that 3.2 million more lines of text were reported since the company’s last report, which represents a growth rate of 67%.

Xbox’s Enforcement Strike system will be the backbone to whatever happens next, as Xbox reports that “since its launch, 88% of those who received an Enforcement Strike did not engage in activity that violated our Community Standards to receive another enforcement. We also reduced suspension lengths overall for minor offences. Of enforcement that would have previously resulted in a 3-day or more suspension, 44% were given a reduced length.