Xbox Launches New Minecraft Education Experience For Safer Internet Day

Tomorrow, February 7th, is Safer Internet Day, and Xbox is using its top game for teens, AKA Minecraft, to teach all about the importance of safety, privacy and security when online.

Available now, Minecraft Education Privacy Prodigy is a continuation of the CyberSafe series.

Privacy Prodigy intends to help pre-teens and teens learn how to keep their personal data safe when they’re out in the world. But let’s be honest, we can all learn how to be better with our data, whether that’s learning how to keep it protected in public places or where to store it. Each challenge is constructed to help students and their parents learn how to make more informed decisions about who should have access to their personal data and why. 

Today’s blog also features a number of tips for parents on how to ensure their kids are safely gaming on Xbox and how Two Hat’s AI and human insights-powered platform Community Sift combs through emojis, messages and slang terms can hold different meanings depending on cultural and regional nuances to ensure that online gaming conversations are clean and safe.