Xbox Reactive Voice

Xbox Launches Reactive Voice Reporting Feature For In-Game Chat

Starting this week, Xbox is rolling out a new tool for Xbox Insiders called the reactive voice reporting feature.

This new feature will allow players in a multiplayer chat across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems to capture explicit audio from another player in-game quickly, jump back into their gameplay and finalize the report to the Xbox Safety Team when their game is over. 

Voice Reporting Image

“With reactive voice reporting, Xbox continues to help players feel protected. Empowering players with easy-to-use tools helps foster togetherness while improving the greater health of the gaming community on Xbox. With measures like this, players can feel confident they are in a safe, welcoming environment,” Stephen Balkam, Family Online Safety Institute CEO, said.

The new feature works the same way recording gameplay and stills on the Xbox platform works — allowing you to record up to the past 60 seconds and save it on your system for 24 hours. Xbox will alert you if you still need to submit in the 24-hour window.

And if you chose not to submit, the clip will be permanently deleted.

These clips cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared. 

According to Dave McCarthy of Xbox Player Services, “It was important to hear directly from our community about their unique experiences and what would help them feel protected and empowered on our platform. We consulted with various community members – including Xbox Ambassadors – of different identities, backgrounds, and cultures.”

The company’s goal for this system is to provide an improved voice for Xbox players and allow the community to be better allies for all.