Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Adds xCloud on September 15

Today, Kareem Choudhry, the Corporate VP, Project xCloud, spoke about the future of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which now includes xCloud as part of the subscription. In the post, Choudhry spoke about how the preview build which is ongoing across North America, Europe and in South Korea, and how stories of users and how they use the service have helped improve the service.

Cloud gaming is a huge part of Xbox Game Pass and is the next major step in the vision Microsoft has, which puts you, the player, at the centre of the experience. Last month, Xbox laid out their commitment to you and announced cloud gaming, powered by Project xCloud, will be part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

And now, we know when Microsoft is adding the service to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: September 15. On that day, more than 100 games will be available to play from the cloud on Android devices. Cloud gaming launches in 22 markets for Xbox Game Pass ultimate subscribers to ensure stability.

Some of the games include Minecraft Dungeons, Destiny 2, Tell Me Why, Gears 5, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and more. Many first-party titles are coming as part of the commitment Xbox has made, and you’ll find new games on day one of launch.

All the experiences you expect on Xbox and your gaming profile travel with you on mobile, including your friends list, achievements, controller settings, and saved game progress. For example, you can start Gears 5 on Xbox, then move the same game to your phone and continue. Cloud gaming also unlocks new couch co-op experiences with traditional online games. Sail off to adventure in Sea of Thieves on your tablet while a friend plays alongside you on the console, right in the same room.

More than 10 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers are already enjoying the benefits of the service since it launched in 2017. It’s never been easier to play with your friends on Xbox One, PC, phone or tablet. Cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available on Android devices in 22 markets at launch, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Lastly, to enhance the xCloud experience, Xbox is partnering with Razer, PowerA, 8BitDo, and NACON to deliver all-new experiences designed for cloud gaming.

These include different types of phone clips that adapt to a wide range of devices, travel controllers that fit in any bag, and exclusive Xbox-branded controllers that split apart and attach to the side of your phone. You can also play with your Xbox One Bluetooth Wireless and PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers.