Xbox Game Pass Gets Void Bastards, Outer Wilds, Superhot And More!

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Xbox Game Pass is adding some pretty good titles to their already expansive catalog. The next few weeks include big games like Metal Gear Survive, Superhot, Dead by Daylight and more. If at any time you’ve ever had doubts about a video game and didn’t want to spend your hard earned money on something that you questioned, Xbox Game Pass is the perfect way to assuage those doubts.

Metal Gear Survive launched on the service last week, and this week we see Void Bastards, Dead by Daylight, and Outer Wilds arrive. The general consensus is that Survive is not good, and it’s a pretty shoddy title attached to the Metal Gear series. I skipped out on it after the beta and don’t regret my decision, however, being on Xbox Game Pass I’m inclined to see how bad it really is.

Next up is Void Bastards, out this week and in te game you lead your team across the stars, searching abandoned space ships and ensuring the crew’s survival. Developed by Blue Manchu, the team consists of former System Shock devs and the former co-founder of Irrational Games, Jon Chey. You’ll have to master managing ships, weapons, supplies, and crafting in order to succeed.

Outer Wilds joins Xbox Game Pass this week as well, and you’re left to explore the solar system teeming with secrets, all the while ensuring your own survival. Players are given a variety of tools to aid in space-backpacking: including their own spaceship and jetpack; a surveyor probe for scouting and taking pictures; and a signal scope to track down audio signals as well as view landmarks from afar.

Source: Xbox