Marvel's Avengers

Xbox Game Pass Gets Marvel’s Avengers

It took just over a year to end up happening but Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is finally landing on Xbox Game Pass. This move could very well help reinvigorate the dying live service game, something recent expansions like War for Wakanda seemingly were unable to do.

Having launched just over a year ago, Marvel’s Avengers came and went, failing to deliver the same types of highs the MCU had been delivering constantly over the years. Anything outside of the main campaign is a drag, I mentioned it in my review stating that using Kamala Khan to assemble the Avengers was smart while the rest of the game was… not. I had also mentioned that ‘even with new Avengers being added, that’ll be for nothing if I’m repeating the same uninspired missions over and over for gear that doesn’t even show on my character. Hopefully, new and exciting content comes along and changes my mind.’

Marvel’s Avengers has not been without delays either, the pandemic has basically led to many studios having to delay content, adjust roadmaps, all while working from home. We’ve seen how the pandemic has affected Crystal Dynamics.

There are also the characters the studio decided to release back to back – both Hawkeye and Kate Bishop – two characters who basically play the same, then following them up with the better received King T’Challa as Black Panther in the War for Wakanda story expansion. My biggest issue is once these expansions finish and you’re all caught up, there is very little to do outside of the storylines with endgame content being nonexistent.

Perhaps being added to Xbox Game Pass on Thursday will provide a well-needed booster shot the series needs. On September 30, anyone subscribing to Game Pass can check out the entire game, right up to this past August’s War for Wakanda expansion.

Sadly though, because PlayStation has exclusivity rights on Spider-Man, you won’t be able to check out his storylines unless you swap over to PlayStation.

I’ve intended to revisit after the latest expansion launched but haven’t found the time to do that. However, the influx of players will make getting back into things a bit easier and I always welcome seeing new players join, it makes for some interesting experiences, giving more players the option to check out a game that rightfully needs the attention.