Xbox Smart TVs

Xbox Announces Dedicated App for Smart TVs

No Console Required

Today, Xbox has officially confirmed an Xbox app for Samsung TVs and it is available today! Xbox

It all began last June when Will Tuttle posted about bringing the joy of gaming to everyone. The teams at Xbox began with a vision of bringing a sense of community through Xbox Game Pass and by now, it seems like that vision has become a reality. Now, the dream is to go big, bigger than just cloud-based gaming and that includes an app for your Samsung Smart TV.


Samsung and Microsoft have developed an app for Xbox Game Pass — one that works on your TV and one that works with your Galaxy phone. On June 30, more than 27 countries will be able to download a Smart TV app and stream games to their television — no console required.


The benefits of having an app as your gateway mean you won’t have to worry about console updates, trying to find a console in retail stores and also taking up space in your home. With the benefit of cloud streaming from a dedicated app, you can now pick up and play with a few clicks.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about heavily investing in the ecosystem from the start. All you need is a good internet connection and a Bluetooth controller to get started — worrying about a PC or console isn’t needed anymore.

Over the last year, Xbox has done a stellar job at addressing cloud gaming and it feels seamless to play many titles on the Game Pass service these days.

To get started, access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Huband log into your existing Microsoft account. If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate member, you’ll have access to hundreds of cloud-enabled games. Be sure to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — currently on sale for $1 for one month, after that it’s $14.99/ month.